Looking to control office noise?
You need acoustic interior walls like moodwall P4.

moodwall P4 strikes the perfect balance between acoustics and transparency. With optional single or double glazing, frameless glass and structural aluminum come together to create an exceptional architectural wall system. This is a wall system that provides remarkable clarity and industry leading acoustics for the contemporary office.


Acoustic office walls
for total privacy & clarity.

It’s becoming increasingly important to enhance speech privacy and control noise in today’s work environments. Acoustic excellence is built into the genes of moodwall glass partitions. Designed and engineered in Canada, our office systems enhance concentration for all workspace needs.

 Peaceful sound

Your space needs to work for all five senses. Walls with advanced acoustic technology ensure that the workspace is peaceful and productive. moodwall P4 achieves that without compromising beauty.

 Elegant design

moodwall P4 elevates the glass partition system with an unmatched elegance. While staying minimalist and adaptable, the P4 is designed and customized to add awe-inspiring beauty to professional spaces.

 Creative freedom

Trying to push boundaries? moodwall P4 helps you challenge the traditions of demountable wall systems. With two glass panes in each glass partition, this wall offers you more opportunities for customization.

 Quick installation

You have to keep up with change. No other wall offers moodwall P4’s ease of installation. Since we know time is crucial in any project, the moodwall P4 installs faster than any other glass partition system.

 Trusted expertise

moodwallʼs team has a wealth of experience in the glass walls industry. We help you avoid the common mistakes we see time and again that either reduce performance, increase costs or create delays.

Glass wall
and door


  • moodwall aluminum extrusions in clear anodized, colored anodized or powder coated paint finishes
  • P4 standard floor channel 2 ⅜” high by 4” wide
  • P4 ceiling channel 2 ⅜” high by 4” wide


  • Swing and sliding doors
  • Frameless glass slab
  • Framed double glazed aluminum
  • Framed single glazed aluminum
  • Solid and hollow core wood doors


  • P4 double or single side glass option
  • ⅜” (10mm) or ½” (12mm) with choice of :
    • tempered
    • laminated
    • low iron
  • Polycarbonate or butted glass joint


  • STC ratings range from 38 to 45 depending on glass type
  • Extruded vinyl connections and perimeter bulb seals provide seamless connections with drywall


moodwall exclusive:

  • SERE mortise lock for glass slab door
  • KERE 60” locking ladder pull with SFIC 7-pin interchangeable core
  • P4 sliding door with soft close soft open option
  • Hydraulic hinge with soft close and hold open option

Choose the easy way for your glass office walls.

moodwall makes design and installation a breeze. Request a quote on our demountable walls for your project.