Design effortlessly
With our Free BIM Add-on

Designing with our products has never been easier

Our new BIM tool for designers and architects is a Revit add-on available in our online toolbox that gives users the ability to draw effortlessly with our moodwall systems.

We’ve designed the tool to:

  • Speed up the design phase
  • Reduce back and forth with feasibility and options within the systems
  • Accelerate lead time from order to installation
  • Future-proof your designs

The Revit add-on connects Rampart’s moodwall products to the BIM world and integrates seamlessly with our manufacturing 4.0 technologies. With the full moodwall system at your fingertips, you can modify and reconfigure your designs with ease.

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How does it work?

Check out our demos in our Membership Toolbox video libraries to help get you started using the add-on. We have also parametrically designed Revit families that you can download and use with your project if you do not wish to use the add-on.

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Our moodwall systems offer a complete range of architectural wall options for the modern office environment. Control sound, light, privacy, and more without sacrificing sleek design.