Redefining glass office walls.

architectural walls

Made in Montreal. Available across North America.

moodwall offers a complete range of
wall options for the contemporary
office environment.

Designed and manufactured in Montreal by Rampart Partitions with over 50 years of experience, each moodwall system provides multiple design features with customizable options.

Offering durability and flexibility, moodwall makes everything—from design to installation—as easy as it should be. Every moodwall demountable partition systems and architectural walls is compatible with one another and can be combined with other systems to enhance workspaces aesthetically and functionally.

moodwall P1

Pure and simple

Low-profile single glass wall built for transparency, collaboration, and beautiful simplicity.

moodwall P3


moodwall P3 is our most adaptable demountable wall system yet. Designed with modularity in mind, P3 can be combined with P4 and P5 seamlessly, all while providing acoustic performance and privacy.

moodwall P4

Sound and vision

Double glass walls made to reduce noise and create truly productive spaces.

Doors & Hardware

Aesthetics and Functionality

Open doors to better opportunities.

Why moodwall is different

The moodwall ecosystem challenges the notions about architectural demountable walls. Four systems that can be used alone or combined to create a bespoke work environment. A workplace that adapts to your business culture and your needs.

Office systems for every mood.

We understand that adding new walls and removing old ones is a serious commitment. That’s why moodwall systems are easily demountable, moveable, and reusable.

We build moodwall to reduce costs, save time, and give you the power to reconfigure and adjust any workspace to fit your changing needs. Our glass wall systems and partition systems integrate with all kinds of designs, and promote productivity and collaboration in all workspaces.

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