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Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find your answer here, please reach out using our Contact page.

All moodwall architectural walls are custom-made to every order. Pricing is project-specific and depends on a number of factors, including wall type, wall height, door type, door hardware, and project location.

As a general rule of thumb, here are some basic price ranges for the standard products only:

  • P1 - $200/l.ft.-$400/l.ft.
  • P2 - $250/l.ft. - $450/l.ft.
  • P4 (single glass) - $250/l.ft. - $500/l.ft.
  • P4 (double glass) - $400/l.ft. - $700/l.ft.
  • P5 (solid) - $250/l.ft. - $450/l.ft.
  • P5 (glass) - $450/l.ft. - $650/l.ft.

The pricing listed above is simply a guideline, and your project may be outside of these ranges depending on product selection and configuration.

For more details, submit a quote request using our RFQ form.

The standard lead time for Rampart’s made-to-measure products is generally 4 – 6 weeks. The lead time is dependent on when we receive approved shop drawings and final site measurements. We can’t start manufacturing your architectural wall solutions without them.

Generally, if your order includes wood or double glass aluminum doors or custom hardware, the lead time will extend by about 2 weeks. Again, this is all dependent on the complexity of your product selection and configuration.

Yes, please visit our online toolbox to obtain CADs and Revit files for our products at

Rampart offers standard powder coated paint finishes in black, white, and grey, as well as anodized finishes in clear, black, bronze and champagne for our moodwall, moodspace and moodprivacy products. For clients who need more unique finishing solutions, we offer custom colours as well as colour developments upon request.

Rampart offers a wide selection of melamine and laminate finishes from our partner, Richelieu for our moodwall and moodspace products. We also offer a wide selection of fabrics from our partner Duvaltex.

Absolutely. Our moodwall systems are compatible with over 90% of all door hardware, including electric strikes, maglocks, pull handles, and more.

In the early stages of your architectural wall system design, let us know which model hardware you want to use, and we will validate the compatibility. Oftentimes, we can also source the specialty hardware.

Rampart supplies 10mm (3/8") or 12 mm (1/2") tempered or laminated glass with the option for low-iron and tempered-laminated glass.

Yes, >90% of our products are sourced locally in Montreal, QC. Nearly 100% of all products can be reused.

Our frameless glass systems (moodwall P1, P2 and P4) are available in heights up to 10'-0" (3m). Our moodwall P5 system is available in heights up to 20'-0" (6m).

Our moodwall acoustic ratings differ depending on the product and type of glass used. Each moodwall system is tested in an independent laboratory in accordance with ASTM E90.

Generally, the STC values for our acoustic glass panels range between 27 and 45 depending on the glass composition. Detailed reports and STC values are available for each of our products in our free moodwall toolbox.

The easiest way to get a quote is to contact us. Submit a request using the RFQ form on our website. Once we receive your request, we’ll get back to you generally within 2 – 3 days with a full quote.

Yes. All moodwall systems are turn-key solutions to streamline your design and construction processes. Each system is available with all the necessary walls, doors, hardware, and glass to complete a full installation.